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Back To Work

 Conference Season Starts again  I go back to work today, as much as performing can be compared to work.  It’s something I love, so I rarely label it “work”.  The fact remains I go back to performing at noon today.  A conference for insurance executives. I’...

Marvyn’s Magic Theatre

It’s cold in my part of Canada.  Toronto is always ugly this time of year with snow and frozen hell. Its depressing for me. My car was covered in ice this weekend past and chiselling it out was near impossible.  The poor beast may as well have been encased in carbonite.  Thank god I don’t owe money to the Hutts. Still, I’m better off than Calgary today where its -37.  ...

Air Canada

I fly A LOT. I fly more than just about anyone I know, with the exception of other entertainers who work for my agent. My record is 180 thousand miles in a year, slightly less than the distance from the earth to the moon. This year I broke that record. I just returned from performing at a corporate event in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A holiday party to be accurate...

Princess Cruises.

Once again I’ve been absent for some time. I’ve been on tour.  The agency that books my work, Artists West Entertainmet, does a fine job of keeping my calendar full. Sadly the means I’m not always connected to the internet enough to post my blog.  Lucky no one reads it, so there’s that.