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Here’s the best worry free talent choices for your corporate function :

You’ve had me perform my comedy magic show at your conference, convention, golf tournament or trade show last year and it’s too soon to bring me back again for another time with your group.  Its time to book entertainment for this year. I’d like to offer some suggestions based on my 25 year history performing as an event professional. This is entertainment that I personally endorse who meet consistently with success. I highly recommend them as excellent follow up performers because we all compliment each others style and work ethic. Either contact them directly or I’ll be more than happy to broker the booking of any of these performers for you absolutely FREE.

The Evasons 

Haven’t heard of a mentalist? Don’t know what they do ? Never even thought of one for your after-dinner event? Consider this. Different is the name of the game these days and this is THE hot show to get. Not a comedy show, and not strictly a magic show, but humorous and mind meltingly amazing!
Interactive, fun and professional, this show works with the audience in a whole new way! Their show creates emotional connection!. The Evasons know your thoughts, the number on your driver’s licence, names you’re thinking of and so much more.  Amazing would be an understatement. Jeff and Tessa Evason are the best IN THE WORLD at what they do. I know this because I’ve worked with them around the planet, in places like the Magic Castle in Hollywood and corporate events almost anywhere you can name.  They regularly perform at NBA half time shows for 18 thousand people at a time. Famous magicians Penn and Teller also say Jeff and Tessa are the best in their field. Penn and Teller are in a good position to know, since they host the world’s most popular television show for magicians.  On that show, the CW Networks program “Fool US”, both the Evasons and I not only appeared on, but taped our performances the same night in Las Vegas, and as always they were blindingly spectacular. Its rare for Penn and Teller to stand and applaud and act, but that happened for the Evasons. What they’ll create for you is beautiful to look at onstage, engaging, connects with the whole audience and is logistically a breeze to set up. The Evasons make working with them easy from start to finish and I’m telling you, this is a booking choice, who strive to take everything into consideration. They facilitate a smooth experience onsite while making you look great.  Guaranteed success every time with this show.

John Wing

To be honest, generally I’m not a fan of recommending a straight stand up comedian for a corporate function.  Too many risk factors come into play.  Will the audience relate to what that comic is talking about? Is that comedian TRULY appropriate for a company function? Does that comic understand the dynamic of corporate performance versus a club, theatre or television performance? For the last 25 years I’ve worked with comedians of all types; at all manner of venues across the globe.  I can say without hesitation John Wing is the most consistently funny and professional of them all.  SIX tonight show appearances with Johnny Carson, and Jay Leno.  If Johnny Carson likes him, that’s an endorsement of quality. He was a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, performing at Radio City Music Hall.  He’s headlined 16 times at Just for Laughs comedy festival and almost every other comedy festival on the planet; as well as appearing on over 250 televison programs internationally. I’ve personally worked with John at the Edmonton Comedy Festival and on countless corporate events and Holland America Cruise ships. In an instant he can shift gears to work with your particular group. He’s deadly clean and deadly funny. Like a comedy sniper he kills every audience with hilariously funny material that’s always on target.  He’s unique in his field. Never once seen him utter a foul word or say anything uncomfortable. John is the one and ONLY recommendation I give to my clients who specially want to hire a stand up comedian.  I’d offer a money back guarantee for him.  Talk about low tech easy booking, all he needs is a microphone and a lit stage. If you have space issues or don’t have a tech crew working your event, no worries. Acts like John and I  can easily deal with that.  We’ve both created a show that can play to any space to allow for maximum ease of use. We don’t need much.  John is a huge professional.  Hire him and you’re golden. 

Dale K – Hypnotist.

I get it, you’re thinking it’s a risky crazy choice. You’ve seen a hypnotist show go bad especially at that company function where people were kind of quiet.  We’ve all seen hypnotists who are sketchy and maybe offensive or just plain not right for any event.  That’s not Dale.  Dale K another world class performer and unique among hypnotists.   Theatres, cruise ships, corporate events, Dale works these challenging spaces and absolutely stuns audiences.  Clean, corporate friendly and deadly funny, he has the trifecta of perfect for a corporate audience. Like myself, Dale can play to a group of 100 or a group of 2000 and we both feel it’s tremendously important to make guests who are invited onstage feel welcome and treat them respectfully. Dale has mastered the delicate art of being absolutely respectful with onstage guests and being absolutely hilariously funny when working with them. The show is cool, funny and intereactive. If you’re looking for something that fills the stage and decimates the audience with laughter and involves your whole group this is your choice. 

So there you have it, a few recommendations to help facilitate a follow up booking for the year after I’ve performed for you. Again, I’ll be more than happy to make a personal introduction to any of these acts and connect you directly or broker the booking for you absolutely free of charge. I feel it’s of paramount importance to obtain quality entertainment at every event, every time.  Anything I can do to help that along and introduce you with great acts is a real pleasure. So shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll be sure to fit you with the very best entertainment for your function.

Until I see you again from the stage…..
Good Night and Good Luck, 

Jane Doe

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