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I headlined a show at the Comedy Bar in Toronto a while back. Comedians, myself – a comedian doing magic, and a mime were on the show. The large part of my income and professional work as a comedy magician is at corporate after dinner events and cruise ship theatres. Still, I started in this business in comedy clubs and I still have a great love to them. The vibe, the hang, there’s something about it. Sitting around pre and post show having drinks and talking with other creative people is how great swaths of art have been created. Its the history of art. The comedy bar is one of those great venues where all manner of performer can meet, chat and work out new material for great audiences.

I love that comedy club, its perfect for comedy. Small room, intimate, no distractions, low ceilings, very cold, easy to connect with the audience. Oh, its also a cheap rental with real professionals running the venue. A joy.

The rumour is true. I had to follow a mime type act who was doing something about cocaine.  Weird act to be sure.  The following is a quote on Facebook from my friend and fellow comedian Mini Holmes, who now lives in New York but regularly comes to Toronto to perform on comedy shows. She posted this photo and the quote below it.  It some way it explains everything I enjoy about working and performing in Stand up Comedy.  Corporate events, clubs, cruise ships.  They all have the same weirdness, and I just love it

Closing the show at the Comedy Bar in Toronto, working a magic trick with an onstage guest

My favourite part of working with Matt last night was when he opened the cabaret door and yelled at me..”Mini get in here I gotta follow a mime doing coke!!!”Mini Holmes, comedian

Not many jobs get better than that for fun times. I can’t wait to work live events again and see friends and hang out and tell stories and come up with new and interesting work because of it.
Until then we let the monkeys keep banging away at the typewriters

Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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