Towel and Geek Pride Day

Frist. Happy Towel Day AND Geek Pride Day !
I’m bringing a towel to Costco this morning, so I can wrap it around myself for warmth as I bound across the cold moons of the frozen foods section.

Now, on to matters at hand…..

I still write most of my material on a typewriter. I prefer to use a fountain pen when I make notes and I’ve never done internet banking. So yea, I’m a dinosaur.

So here’s the problem….

The economics of it are that I’m going to have to do zoom shows at some point. That’s requiring me to create brand new work for that online platform. Some days I feel pretty creative and funny and other days I have to rally every ounce of strength strength to write a shitty joke. A joke, I might add that I can’t even tag because it feels like what’s the fucking point. I can’t see the angles at all anymore. Then some days I’m firing on all cylinders. Wtf.

It seems clear to me this is going to be an uphill battle and I’m already like Sisyphus pushing the boulder uphill. I wonder outloud to anyone who happens across this blog of obscurity here on the internet. Has anyone worked out any system to help them create work with consistency during this shit bag time or all we all just locked in the trunk of a car? I only ask because for my whole career there’s always been someone smarter, more experienced and just plain better than me to help ( ya ya that’s everyone, whatevz) Usually I’d know instantly who that person is, but this time I haven’t a clue. I imagine it’s like anything else, ya just gotta grind it out, but a shortcut would be nice.

See you all from the sewer grate under the newspapers they don’t print anymore.
Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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