Thank you~ last post of the year

Last post of 2018.
A short one.
I wanted to say that I’m SO VERY grateful to all the agents, event planners, producers, friends, theatres and cruise lines that booked me in 2018. I must say Holland America Line was a stand out this year. HAL took me to many interesting places in the world. It’s nice to get a Standing Ovation one night and then jog the beach in Hawaii the next. I always tell people it’s the best cruise line to vacation on. Amazing food, interesting ports, the crew are wonderful and the cabins are brilliant. If you’re taking a cruise vacation try out Holland America Line, you’ll never go back to anywhere else. I think I’ve worked every cruise line out there, and HAL is my favourite. I’ve never been on Crystal or Seabourn, but I’m sure HAL rivals them. Point is, try them out !

Here’s the thing, it gets easy to complain about Air Canada over charging for seats or ditching my luggage, or some hotel room not being great, but know this : I am ALWAYS super thankful for the work everyone sends my way and the interesting travel that comes of it.

So once more, THANK YOU all for keeping me working and in business so that my wife and son can live comfortably and we all keep moving along.

I look forward to more bookings, travels, adventures and standing ovations in theatres around the world in 2019, you’ve all made that happen and I can’t thank you more.
I wish to extend to you, and your families, the very best of this holiday season.

Until next year,
Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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