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“Majority of people on this earth go to the grave having worked a job they hate their whole life. If you can make a living doing what you love, you won.” – Spike Lee

I won. Thanks showbiz

I’m just rounding out week 3 of an 8 week tour for Holland America cruise lines. Its been pretty amazing so far. A bit of Central America, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala etc, oh and the panama canal. I’ve gone through the canal many times. It never, EVER gets boring for me. Its an engineering marvel that’s packed full of history. I’m actually writing this as we sail through the The Culebra Cut. I’m looking out my window at rain forest. Pretty tough to get better than that.
A couple of weeks prior to this we were in the Caribbean. Places like Mexico, Jamaica and Grand Cayman island. Certainly an interesting mix of locations to see.

The shows have been killer. The first round of shows were in an ultra new and high tech theater, almost in the round, on Holland America’s newest ship, and at the time of writing the newest ship in the WORLD, The Nieuw Statendam. I loved it, and the standing ovation it produced. I guess what I wanted to say here is this :

Getting paid to see these places rests on the feet of my talent and ability to perform. YES, some of that standing ovation comes from me and my ability, but the real back bone of ANY show you see are the tech people. I think that might be often overlooked.
The praise for the techs goes for every rock concert, live play, performance anywhere on any stage you’ve ever seen. Its ALL because of the highly skilled tech people that allow a show to happen. You can hear and see that performer because their voice is being amplified crisply and cleanly through an enormously complex mixing board. The lighting and video support that makes the show enjoyable are made possible by those techs. Even a simple show like mine with a few specials on the stage, a wash and a couple follow spots still rely heavily on the technical staff to make that happen. My preshow image that sets a tone for the whole evening and runs in the house prior to and at the beginning of the show. It’s monitored by professionals. End of the day without them your favourite band, comedian, poet or lecturer at university can’t do anything but perform for a handful of people at a time. So lets take a second to tip a hat to the techs. Much of how the audience, producers and agents see me and my work is because of them, and in turn the comfortable lifestyle I enjoy is because of their efforts. They make us, the artists look good and help deliver our vision to the audience. Performers, treat your support techs well. Its the right thing to do and without them, you’re standing on a box on the street busking.
Until next time
Good Night and Good Luck

Jane Doe

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