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One of the most difficult aspects of working in the corporate event industry is connecting with other suppliers genuinely good enough to recommend. I’m a strong supporter of helping clients find good talent.  Something I do for free, with the intention that every conference, convention or event gets great talent, with great results. Everyone in my industry benefits from a great show connecting with the right client. On stage talent is especially tricky, entertainers and speakers who excel at their craft are notoriously difficult to find.  I personally refer only a handful of artists who I believe have the correct combination of professionalism and talent required to put my reputation on the line.  I talk about those few in this  blog post :

Here’s the thing. I have a bit of a blind spot.  A few industries are a challenge for me. Anything sports related, for example, is not in my wheel house. Sports are not my jam. So; who do I refer to when I feel I won’t be able to connect with an audience?? I still want that client to have an incredible entertainment experience.

I think it’s key for the performer or speaker to be comfortable with the group they’re working for.  I’m not in the trades, but my family all are.  I understand that group. Tax Lawyers I do not. Self-awareness and being comfortable are the important things here.  If I’m not the corporate entertainer best suited for you, I’ll say so, then refer who I KNOW is the right fit.

Interestingly there’s one comedian who I like to work, and for whom I carry a great deal of respect.  Not only can he talk about sports casually on and off stage but he can talk about ANYTHING.  Literally anything. No matter the industry he always seems like “one of them”, the everyperson.  A man of family, entertainer and business person. The MacGyver of the corporate entertainment world; he just makes it work everywhere. Andrew Grose

Andrew is an interesting comic.  He hosted the most popular radio show in Edmonton, Alberta, works the Calgary Stampede and is the founder and artistic director of the Edmonton comedy festival. I’ve performed at his festival and I can attest that it’s one of the best in Canada.  He runs it like a conference or convention for a corporate affair.  Armed with that experience, he understands the nature of an actual corporate function and conducts himself accordingly. It’s a real bonus for an entertainer coming into your event.  He understands whats at stake. Andrew seems to be one of these people who can connect with anyone, and never offend them both on and off stage. I think it’s the skill set you develop in radio. He likes sports and I do not, yet I never feel any push back from that as I would with many other sports fans.  He’s got a knack for finding the common ground. What I most admire about the super rare breed of comics like Andrew is this: They have an ability to be super clean, funny, connect with a crowd and still have empathy for the client and are mindful enough to know when to do the right thing.  Andrew’s managed to raise over a million dollars for cancer research and treatment in Alberta. That speaks to his character. End of the day, that’s what you’re buying from talent.  Character. He’s used his position and gifts to good ends. I think John Wing may be the only other comedian I can name who’s successfully pulled that off. Andrew’s raised over a million dollars for cancer research and treatment in Alberta. I tip my hat to him. He’s a fine comic and worthy of looking at for your event.

Check him out here:

And his website HERE

Finally, I’d say this.  If variety comedy is not what you’re looking for and you’re one of my clients out to find something different to explore with comedy that’s 100% going to work for you, check Andrew out.  I’d be more than happy to broker any connection for you and make your event work with him. Again, I’m happy to do this absolutely free. All parties benefit with a great show. 
I look forward to seeing you on a conference or convention stage in the near future, 

Until then, 

Good Night and Good Luck, 

Jane Doe. 

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