Reality as I see it is this : overall the ‘rona isn’t going away. None of these pandemic type viruses have. So how to live with it ? When they find a vaccine people will be fearful to take a new one without seeing its effects on humans. They’ll want to see how it works and it’s side effects over some time in the real world. It’ll be a long time before that gets done, and who knows how effective it’ll be.

Fear is so in people’s heads that if government or science universally said covid was gone or the amount of active cases is acceptable people still wouldn’t believe it, not in large numbers, and again not for a while. I don’t see the public regularly attending events or travelling with consistency for well beyond 2022. Not with volume enough to sustain an industry. The live events and hospitality/ travel industry is either crippled for years or over entirely.

People’s tolerance for zoom meetings is already low, let alone tolerance for conferences or conventions for hours a day online. Most of my clients are already complaining of zoom fatigue. Yea those events can happen in person distancing and with masks, but the number of people who attend won’t make it sustainable for venues or suppliers. Look at movie theatres, how long you think they can sustain a business model based on 20 percent house. I’m gonna have to go to truck driving school I guess. Wow I’m fucked. The hammer stroke will be felt hardest in entertainment and hospitality. I should have been an electrician.

Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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