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Read this and hate on me all ya like, but here it is.
As of today 7 million Canadians can fly, get on a train and leave the country. The Canadian travel ban for unvaccinated has lifted. That ban lasted for 10 months. A right they never should have lost. For many months they couldn’t enter an open air food court, movie theatre, restaurant or rec centre, while everyone else could. Until today they couldn’t leave the country or get on an aircraft, train or boat to travel within their country. A pretty clear violation of charter and ethical rights. As it turns out what these mandates did was separate people who could spread the virus, from people who could spread the virus. We did that long after the rest of the world dropped this nonsense, or places like Denmark never had them at all. Real question is why.

Mandates were always unethical to my mind, but they sure brought out the worst in people. At one point my social media feed was filled with what I knew to be otherwise compassionate individuals saying things like “The unjabbed should die”, “they should be denied medical treatment for anything”, “they’re plague rats”, or “the virus spreads and mutates in them, this pandemic is on them”, all untrue and unjustified. They were never a threat to any of us. This may turn out to be more a pandemic of a non sterilizing vaccine. Shit spreads in all of us, have you noticed? The instant it was known, about 3 months in, the vaccine didn’t stop transmission all that opinion should have fallen away but it didn’t. Don’t need to be a scientist to see that, but if you doubt me have a look at Vinay’s twitter feed. He’s in a better position to know than even most “experts”, this is his specialty. He’s been a good voice of actual evidence based medicine and critical of policy. The graphic on this post links to his twitter.
I’ve worked in 45 counties, I’ve taken a crapwhack of vaccines before I got to those places so that when I arrived in a country with disease I was protected. Those vaccines keeping me safe were never dependant on the rest of the plane taking it. This ideology that you have to take it for it to work for me never really washed.

No point in debating that on either side, science has become religion, but there is debate on the ethics.
 There was a clear point when mandates became unethical and it was way before the mark on the graph shown here. I know that because it also marked a clear point when I became totally uninterested in writing comedy for people. Call me a dude with hippie ideology, but it simply broke my heart, and sucked the life from me to see in this day and age society allowing themselves to be manipulated by government and media into the old “the blacks can’t use the whites drinking fountain”. Disgusting. We’re better people than that, but its why I NEVER commented publicly on anything about covid. People lost their minds, there was no making comment.
Everyone spreads this the same. Similar viral loads, similar transmission and infection. Even when the CDC made that clear, it never stopped the hate. I never understood it. Compassion, choice and understanding vanished like a fart in the wind. I’d have been on their side had the vaccines stopped transmission. They don’t. So there isn’t much to hang a hat on here. Natural immunity, never once taken into consideration, a well known scientific fact and completely ignored. Follow the science indeed.

The folks who justified it by saying they fill up hospitals more than vaccinated, well that’s a hotly contested data point. Again, why debate it, its religion now. Pick your scientist who jams with your beliefs…right? Still if that’s for you then I hope you’re ready to continue to point that high powered perception at smokers, drinkers, sexually promiscuous, the diabetics, the over weight and everyone else with poor lifestyle choices that also overfill the hospitals. Everyone in your family that fits that description, start shaming them, and tell them they shouldn’t be allowed access to medical treatment. If you really gave a rats ass about hospital capacity you’d be lobbying first last and always for better hospital funding, not othering people. I’ve dated 3 ER nurses, yearly they all gripe around flu season that capacity is at a max. For years they’ve begged for more funding to drive capacity, long before covid. That failing is on government.

Fear drove so much of this.

“Fear is the path to the dark side … fear leads to anger … anger leads to hate … hate leads to suffering”. – Yoda

The hatred and poisonous bile lobbed at a percentage of the population who assessed the risks, decided it wasn’t for them because no one in authority was stratifying risk by age or health or exposure was pretty intense.

That assessment was missed in the covid approach due to the pandemonium of freak out, but again, not in places like Denmark. History has shown them to have taken the correct, level headed approach. They saw that some people had prior covid exposure and took the natural immunity stance, something now fully accepted to be better protection than vaccination. Maybe citizens didn’t like the risks of a new vax they knew nothing about, with very little data to support it. Maybe they had bad experiences with other medical treatments. Maybe they spoke with their doctor, and decided that it just wasn’t for them. Maybe they just had the right to say no. You know, the way it used to be.

Medical decisions without consequence of losing jobs or rights to move freely or leave their country or go to an open air food court were once standard fare. Remember though the guards at the roped off areas in the mall food courts? I do. Jabbed on one side, unjabbed unable to enter, as if the virus respected the roped off food court and not the open air. Restaurants, gyms and movie theatres to whom only the vaccinated had access, but who’s staff COULD be unvaccinated. Literally the “vaxxed only” restaurants had tons of unvaccinated servers bringing customers food. I know plenty of them. The rules were moronic. That was a real thing. In Quebec box stores, the unvaccinated were allowed only to enter to buy essential items and escorted in with staff to make sure they didn’t purchase anything nonessential. Food and medicine only. That’s real. That happened. Neighbours moved from here in Ontario to Quebec. They weren’t vaccinated and had to endure that awfulness. It went on for a LONG time. Back of the bus for you filthy unjabbed, unless you work for us, then that’s different. We can’t fire you for not taking a medical therapy ( the current wins of wrongful dismissal lawsuits are bearing that out ) but damn it, you won’t be a customer and enter our business without that paperwork.

Turns out to be quite a few risks with this thing both vaccine and virus, but that’s nether here nor there. Society was so happy to “other” some people to make themselves feel better. “I don’t want to sit in a restaurant next to those dirty unvaccinated people”, I saw someone say that on the news. I saw what I thought were liberal news anchors and politicians advocate for forced vaccination. Forced vaccination, Jugmeet Singh, leader of the NDP was one. The party of the working class advocating for mandatroy vaccination. A clear violation of medical ethics, but what did they care. Fear. Screw you informed consent, free choice… I’m afraid, so we’ll make you take this thing. Doubt me? Here’s Jugmeet calling for illegal forced vaccination, and if not that, consequences for not taking a vaccine that didn’t do what was promised. Click his name to see the video.

Jugmeet Singh

Justin Trudeau said “there is still a part of the population fiercely against it. They don’t believe in science or progress and are often misogynistic and racist. They take up space. This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice…do we tolerate these people”. The leader of Canada said that. Its JAW DROPPING really. Just shocking, how he divided people with that one quote. Tolerate these people? Really Justin? Maybe we ought to ask if WE tolerate YOU. Real leaders don’t divide.

Point is prior to this madness no one cared what medical treatment you did or didn’t take, and that included vaccines. I have a few family members who haven’t vaccinated their kids against anything, way before all this. Odd I thought, but it was their choice. Never thought more of it than that. Their kids could even attend schools, just had to sign a waiver acknowledging they understood the risks to their children. The risks to them. There were no consequences to those choices because we don’t live in a totalitarian state, I don’t think. We all never cared because jobs and domestic travel and citizens or employers weren’t allowed to ask about medical status, at least in Canada. I’ll still take a sip of your drink if you offer it, not caring about hepatitis or …whatever. Gimme the booze, fuck the monkey pox.

Vaccination passports were a horrible wedge issue, a tool used by politicians. It’ll be a stain on our history to be sure. Tragic that people lost their jobs and savings over it. Worse the lockdowns, so hard hitting that 7 people I know, 3 friends, took their own lives over them. Telling that Europe moved on from this LONG before North America did. They saw the folly of it early on. For or against my position, and I really don’t care what you think of me for it, the experience of witnessing it continues to sadden me. I don’t feel creative in a space having witnessed this. How easily they divided us, how easy it was to make you hate someone else. Government sure learned a lot from that and that fact is troubling. I thought we had learned more by now.
 Some of us took this product, others didn’t. It should have been left at that. I’ll never forget the day a close family member walked up to another family member and said “I hope you fucking die”. Right to their face. If you took or continue to take that approach, shame on you. What psychosis grabbed you?

lock downs

Lockdowns did nothing

What the actual fuck did we do to society man? The media spin, the silencing of dissenting opinion, refusal to allow questions, the group think. Everyone deputized themselves to be cheerleaders to tell people what to do medically, as if everyone on your facebook feed had full access to your medical history. As if some comedian had the right to hoist medical choices on you. I don’t hate those that didn’t take this jab. (Those people. See, its everywhere.) It was just a choice, one that never effected you or I. Maybe we all should think more about that.
EVERY word of this video is a lie pushed on the public as absolute truth. You want to know why people don’t trust public health? Its not podcasts or fox news, people don’t trust public health because of public health:

Currently on both sides of the aisle people are simply shutting up and hoping it’ll be forgotten, and we move on. A discussion not to be had and best left to memory. There are currently 4 federal lawsuits against the travel ban for unvaccinated Canadians. One led by Brian Peckford, last remaining writer of the charter of rights and freedoms. Rightly or wrongly, at least he and others are pushing for a legal ruling on these things. That they never happen again. People just want to forget this all happened. I’m not sure that’s a great idea either.

 Whats past is prologue.
Thoughts from backstage,
Good Night and Good Luck,
Jane Doe

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