Old Friends

Dave Hook was a good comic. I miss him a ton. We started about the same time, and while I worked with him a bit at Yuk Yuks, I really got to know him from “ outside gigs”. We did a local tv show together in support of some charity. They were recording the whole comedy show for broadcast. I go up, do my thing, another comic, then Hook. Third position, the sweet spot.

A couple minutes into his set Hook does a joke about Ronald McDonald and some guy in the audience freaks out. Just loses his mind, right there on camera. He’s yelling at Dave, on about how Ronald McDonald House saved his dying son and how Hook is a giant ass… it was epic heckling. Dave took it all in stride, nodding his head and finally said “ sir, I’m so sorry man, we’re just here for some laughs, let’s just move on with the show. I’m sorry, really I am ( dave picks up his guitar and goes on) I didn’t wanna make fun of your kid, or his situation. Let me just play a song and move on.
Dave strums the guitar once. I honestly think he’s trying to save the set, knowing they can edit out the heckler.
Brrring, goes the guitar and then he sings :


Omg. Not sure I ever laughed so hard in my life. Audience guy blows a gasket. Hook, zero fucks given.
RIP Dave. So many good road stories with you. Thanks. Also. I think of you every single time I walk into a McDonalds

Bill Davern, a voice impressionist from Hamilton Ontario made this short tribute video to for Dave Hook. Thought I’d post it here. Hope you enjoy it

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