Magic on TV and magicians who critique it

Dear magicians:

I’ve seen a bunch of you guys trashing other acts you’ve recently seen on TV. Some of those acts are my friends.
Posting shit like “they were awful” or “had no stage presence” etc.

First, don’t do that. Don’t be an ass and say that publicly. Also unless you’ve been on that TV show, that night with them, you’ve zero idea whats gone on behind the scenes. Maybe production screwed them over right before they walked out, or their piece was edited, they may have been forced to make last minute changes or they felt like crap…who knows. I just taped a TV show where my IBS was so bad I should have gone to the hospital, but didn’t and taped anyway. Who knows how that’ll end up looking 🙂

Point is, ..maybe they just had a bad set. Its allowed you know, to be off one night, even for TV. Oh right, I’m sure you’ve NEVER had a bad set…. End of the day….You don’t know, and you shouldn’t comment. These people are working pros and that’s why they’re on these shows, but they CAN have a bad night, production CAN accidentally make you look not so great, there’s a million things. The last thing anyone needs is to hear a bunch of “peers” trashing them online. Those acts read that shit, and they have real feelings. If they sucked, they know it, leave it at that.

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