M.I.T. and Boston

So, I performed this past weekend at the Edmonton Comedy Festival.
That was a fantastic experience and I’d welcome the chance to go back. The shows were really fun!
If you’re in Edmonton or going to be there while next year’s festival is running, make sure you buy tickets to the shows. They get the best of the best talent.

Now that’s over I’m back to the normal run of corporate after dinner events and cruise ships. Holiday parties are booking like crazy now. It’s wonderful.

I’m off to perform this week on Holland America Line’s FANTASTIC ship, The Rotterdam. I’ll be sailing up the St. Lawrence from Halifax, through Boston and on to Tampa. It’s going to be a wonderful week of awesome fall colours, sea food and of course, my show. I think the show is the highlight of the cruise 😉

Reason I mention this is I’ll be stopping in Boston. My father in law would say The Red Sox are the only reason to go to Boston, but for me it’s the MIT Bookstore and campus. Noam Chomsky is a professor emeritus at MIT, it’s the best math school in the country and the bookstore sells the best sweaters and hoodies.

Listen, it’s always going to be my main concern that the theatre shows are killer when I’m working for HAL. All my mind is bent on how to make those the most successful shows passengers will walk away loving, a performance that adds to their cruise experience. Holland America really works hard to guarantee ANYONE who sails on their line has the best and fullest experience possible. In my opinion it’s the best cruise line to sail on. It’s the only cruise line I tell my parents to vacation with, and that’s saying something.
So, yes, I’m very concerned and mindful that the shows are perfect… but on this trip, in the back of my mind the whole time I’ll be thinking about the MIT bookstore, and walking the campus. A really long time ago I gave up a chance to go to that school in favour of becoming a performer. I remain of the opinion my choice was solid, but for the time the ship is docked in Boston I can walk around the campus and imagine I was going there, in the hopes of one day becoming the Astronaut I’d wanted to be as a kid.

After that I’ll go to the Goodwill Hunting diner and ask if someone likes apples…

Until the next time kids….
Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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