Visited a friend in the hospital. One of the older acts I first met when I came to Toronto show business.   He’s one of the best comedy magicians I’ve ever seen. He was about to go in for a quadruple bypass.  I can only imagine the stress of knowing doctors are going to crack open your breast plate and fiddle with your heart.
The operation was completed just the other day and he’s fine. So that’s wonderful news.

This act is about 25 years older than me. It got me to thinking about how the older acts used to handle themselves on the road for extended travel periods and how that MUST have affected their health. The drinking, smoking, drugs and the horrifically bad food from road side diners at all hours of the night.  6-9 hours drives a day from club to club. That’s the life of a bar and club comedian.  I had a few years experiencing that when I first started out, but I’m glad I moved on to corporate entertainment, cruise ships and theatres.  I’m not sure I’d have survived it.  I loved that lifestyle at the time. At 20 years old who wouldn’t.

In the final analysis, I’ve come to realize that I’m very very fortunate to be a sought-after commodity in the corporate entertainment world, luxury cruise ship market and private destination management industries. The travel is always wonderful, flights at reasonable times and the food is consistently good.  When I was a road comic it was often hard to find fruit or a salad. Now it’s hard NOT to find healthy food and get quality rest in lovely hotels and fly in comfort.

I’m so fortunate and I’ve never forgotten how good show business has been to me.  Aside from getting to eat, travel and perform in relative luxury, I’ve never had to have a 9-5 job, EVER.  Show business has allowed me to support my wife and kid and keep us in pretty nice house with a couple of cars and allowed me to spend a ton of quality time with family.  Its time I wouldn’t have if I worked a “regular” job.  It’s very rare indeed.

Still, I make poor health choices sometimes.  What to do about it?

I do enjoy scotch from time to time. I still smoke the occasional cigarette now and then.  I know I shouldn’t but hey.  No one likes a quitter.  I’m an adult now and I’ll do as I please.  Just hope it doesn’t end me up in the hospital having my chest cracked open.  That doesn’t sound like fun. In this regard, don’t be like me.

As always, Good Night and Good Luck,


Jane Doe


Here’s a little something from a Toronto band, The Pursuit of Happiness who tells us all about being an adult now:

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