Its week four of isolation.  The business of being a comedian and a magician has still haulted.  Stagnation isn’t good for the performing arts, but then again, neither is a pandemic. I miss the stage so much.  I’ve never had this much time off since I was 16 years old starting out in showbusiness.  There isn’t even a conference or convention that needs entertainment for me to hustle. Still, the weather in my part of Canada turns toward spring and that’s something.  Toronto has almost psychopathic weather.  This week is 14 degrees and then its going to snow on the weekend. Its crazy, and so are some people advocating for deep development.

Seems to be a push for using this downtime to do something. If you aren’t learning something new or growing your business during this time, then maybe you’re just suffering from anxiety and depression and that’s ok. 

Fuck all these people telling you to do something proactive with your time during quarantine . Dude, it’s ok to be freaked out. Eat a whole shrimp ring and play Minecraft. Mashed potatoes can be your friends. Whatever. 

Be here now.

Look after yourselves and each other.
Until I see you from the stage or the printed page, 

Good Night and Good Luck

Jane Doe

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