Innovation Time

The covid-19 virus is here in Toronto.  Its destroying the travel and leisure industries worldwide. Cruise ships, Disney, concerts, conventions, schools, you name it, they’re all closed.  It seems pretty bleak for us who make our living entertaining large groups of people.

For once I’m more hopeful than others, and think things will improve sooner, rather than later.  While I’ve been effected greatly by performances at after dinner corporate events cancelling, and I’m on the edge of cruise ship performances being cancelled I think there’s one good thing at play. We’ll grow or die.

Entertainers are finding new ways to deliver interactive magic and comedy shows to small private groups of companies using cool mediums not exploited before. Historically magicians have been experts at finding the new, and bending it to their will. Intimate parlour type shows for gatherings of 5, 10, or 20 people are becoming a new thing. I spoke to an act that’s pursuing hologram technology and ways to use the television medium for the purposes of delivering solidly amazing magic shows. Just wait and see where this goes. Its gonna be cool.

We’ll get through this pandemic. The entertainment community always keeps its head above water. We support each other. We just need to be sharp and think.  Stay calm and focus.  We won’t be bested by a bug one billionth our size 😉

Thoughts from the hermitically sealed, Howard Hughes-ian room

Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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