Inconvenient truths about hiring entertainment:

Artists say they specialize, that they’re corporate professionals. Very often, they simply are not.  They make that claim because they believe money is to be made working with companies.  They’re just after another revenue stream.  I don’t think that’s what you want for entertainment. You need to hire a specialist, a Macgyver in the world of talent. Someone who can troubleshoot onsite and deliver results.  Professionals cost money, its true. You likely wonder if I’m one of those professionals or just someone saying that I am.  Legitimate question and tough to answer, especially with the state of the internet. The entertainer you hire reflects on your job, your company, you personally and your event. Making a wise choice is tough. 100% …. I get it. Am I the person to hire? I know that I am, but consider this:

Even if you don’t book me………

Hire only entertainers who truly focus on specific performance.  Corporate performance, for your demographic. Google the name of the act you’re looking at.  If you see they also perform for unrelated events, that’s a concern.  A corporate performer may also work on luxury cruise lines but won’t be working for children, or bar events. They won’t scatter their efforts. These artists will know other pros, planners and bureaus in the market. If industry people haven’t heard of that act, that’s a read flag, so look to see if they’re represented and talked about. Google will show all of that. They will have a long history with this work. More than video, more than anything, look at the quotes from other companies like yours.  References count. Contact the entertainer and ask for those letters of reference or for permission to talk to past clients.  ANY act who’s appropriate for your event will have those available. 

Here’s the truth about promotional video. It’s hard to get footage from a show that truly captures the best of an artist at a corporate function. The video of the concert you saw, the YouTube clip of your favourite band, simply will not stand up to seeing them live. Think of a show you saw live, then youtube that show and have a look. Doesn’t come close does it?  That’s how video deceives buyers. Its also why so many promotional videos are edited quickly, they have to be because there’s way to recreate the LIVE experience. The nature of comedic and visual interactive performers demands it be seen in real time; video will never tell you the truth.  With that in mind, know that video won’t capture the power of what you’re after. It’s important to speak to other clients of that artist, similar to your industry, who’ve hired that act.  Someone who can explain the connection that performer made with the audience. Believe in that. If the artist you’re looking at can’t supply you with those references, forget about them.  Period. 

I “Take the Boredom out of the Boardroom”. That’s my slogan; and what I mean by that is any meeting or conference or convention you attend or host, I can make fun and memorable. That’s ALL I do. I specialize. If your event has people seated, I’m the perfect fit to cap off that event. My clients will speak to that. I don’t have fancy edited video. I don’t “speak” on topics. I don’t have metaphors for thinking like a magician. I don’t have PowerPoint.
What I DO have is a sold block of entertainment you can be sure will be a success and reflect well on you and your decision to book me.  I have the references to back that claim up. I have 20 + years of experience. I’ve worked on creating performances for functions like yours.  

I haven’t wasted time on internet marketing and speaking at TedX talks and self publishing books.  Myself and my performer friends Like The Evasons, John Wing, and Dale K that I mention earlier in this post. , we’ve spent decades crafting one thing.  A show for your function. We’re very good at it. 

Yes, I’ve performed on Penn and Teller’s TV show Fool US (which you can see here ) and been interviewed on CBC Radio and appeared at comedy festivals which you can listen to and read about here. I was fortunate to be invited on those programs and they lend credibility and prestige to my show, but they are ancillary to my core work. Being a corporate entertainment professional. 

I hope you reflect on my suggestions for buying entertainment, hiring me or not.  Either way is cool. Know that I believe great shows for happy clients make for a healthy entertainment community. More than anything that’s what I want. If you have questions shoot me an email or call me. I’m more than happy to leverage my 25 years’ experience with this work to help your choices. I’ll gladly do that for free. All boats rise when things run smoothly and that’s what we should all hope for.

Until I see you from the stage, 

Good Night and Good Luck, 

Jane Doe.

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