I Will Not Go Quietly

The last time I stepped onstage to perform for a real live audience was March 1st 2020 at Marvyn’s Magic Dinner Theatre in Palm Springs California. I was working with The Evasons, friends  and arguably the best two person mentalist act on the planet. It was a great week of shows

Then the virus came.

Actually, it had come a bit before that.  The cruise ship I’d performed on the week before had rumblings of this thing being on it, and on the way home to Toronto while at Los Angeles International Airport on March 2nd flight staff were already wearing gloves and masks.  Something was up for sure. Now we’re here.  Quarantine and show business as I’ve known it for the last 30 years has been wiped out, likely not to come back because of social distancing and fears the virus will wipe out large crowds.  Lots of speculation on this blog and around the net about that, so I won’t go on further.

The Zoom Age

At first I was shocked magicians and other entertainers would flock to performing online.  Its a garbage platform for live interactive anything. If you know anything about working onstage you know the host of reasons why the internet doesn’t work for live comedy oriented shows. I’ve been clear about that and even made a video spoof of a popular Hitler meme about it. Hitler freaks out the virtual magicians. That video got a lot of traction in the magic community for being hilarious.  Here it is :

Hitler’s thoughts on Virtual Magic Shows

New Attitude from Doktor Jeep and I

I’ve since recanted my views on the zoom shows.  Partially out of necessity, partially because I figured something out. While I haven’t actually done one I have seen many virtual magic shows.  With the exception of one, they were all horrible.  So bad that there’s no hope that anyone would pay for that service.  But that’s them, not me. I think I have some ideas that might not only work, but be game changers. I’m starting to feel like I did when I first started.  Sky’s the limit, its all new, I can do what I want because I currently have nothing, so why not try to do things the way I want.

Here’s the other hopeful thing.  As a comedian and magician I’ve spent the last 30 performing all over the planet. I’ve had to give up a lot to get there.  Relationships, family things, opportunity to have a “normal” life, you name it.  I’ve missed it or had them taken from me because I was away. Enter the zoom show.  I can be in China and Europe and America all in the same day if need be. If I’m lucky, I could never have to travel as hard as I used to.  More time with my family.  I love that.

Marketing this service is a mystery to me and I’ll need serious help in that department.  I have some URLS like http://virtualcomedian.ca If you can help, reach out. I have a unique set of skills.  Skills developed over a life time in comedy and magic working for thousands of people at once on big, and sometimes even small stages. I know how to write for magic.  Most magicians don’t. I’m excited for the set list of cool magic effects I’ve put together from my stage show and adapted for the screen. I’m confident it will be different than anything out there currently in magic.  So, we’ll see. 

Point of all this freaking out and the day drinking and depression that came with it is… I’m over it.  Grow or die. After 30 years in show business I didn’t sacrifice so many things along the way to lose it to some stupid virus.  The only way I got this far on out to sea is that I didn’t save anything for the swim back…..so I’m gonna keep going.  You should do. Magic and magicians will always be around.  Lets make sure the good ones at least make a stand and swing for the fences.  We’ve got this.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride, 

Good Night and Good Luck

Jane Doe

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