I Don’t Know Whats Wrong with Magic

That’s a crazy photo for this blog post. You know its bad when you’re using something like that.

Unbelievable by EMF came on the radio. In 1993 ( I think ) I saw Jeff McBride perform at Abbott’s Magic Get Together. He used that song as he and a young man from the audience performed a mylar mouth coil. That kid was made to look like a star and the magic was wonderful. I’ll remember that forever. In fact, EVERY time I hear that song I think of that piece. To my mind, that’s the hallmark of fantastic magic, and a brilliant performer. There’s a lot to be learned from that example. I think if magic is ever to be universally regarded as an art perhaps we ought to fixate less focus on method and the newness of the trick and more on performance and creating moments.

Then again…What do I know….

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