Hospital for Children

I’m certainly no great celebrity. I’m fortunate enough to have a busy performing schedule. Sure, I’ve done my fair share of local, national and international TV appearances and radio interviews on XM radio and national broadcasters.  That’s cool but end of the day I’m really just a working comedy magician. I specialize in corporate after dinner events. If you have a conference or convention, I’ll gladly perform for you and make your evening one to remember. 

Corporate and cruise lines hire me to perform across the globe, its really cool…but again, I’m no celebrity.  That said, when I’m asked to lend my talents to something for a worthy and just cause, I try to bring whatever bit of celebrity and media grab I have available to the project.

So, here’s this…. October 20th 2019, Brampton. Going to be a killer show to help raise money for kids in the hospital.  Think on that… kids…. In the hospital.  I can’t think of a better reason to clear my calendar for a day and perform on a show that will help out.  Its good karma too.  If you have the day available, please come out and support this.  I think its worth it. 

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