Holiday Party


For all the good in this season there’s also a fair bit of greed too.  Not just from a company sales perspective, but from an entertainer’s one as well. When you specialize in corporate after dinner entertainment, every high end firm wants to hire you in November and December for their special night.

I freely admit I capitalize on the demand of the corporate holiday and Christmas parties that happen all over the country. In December alone I’ve performed for city staff events, several law and technology firms and a many in the construction industry. I’ve performed in Los Angeles, Edmonton, Toronto and many of its suburbs and surrounding cities in less than 20 days. In a wicked act of sheer greed, I flew to Edmonton Alberta one morning, performed that night at a multi company party, caught the red eye back to Toronto at 1am that night and then did two shows that next day outside of Toronto. 3 shows, across the country in a 24-hour period.  Madness.

Could I offer a piece of advice when hiring an entertainer? This is especially important for the holiday season.  LISTEN to the performer you’re hiring. Go out of your way to give them the conditions they need to deliver a great show. None of us are asking to try and inconvenience you. Generally, we just need you to ask the venue for a stage, free of DJ and other equipment, with no dance floor in front and the audience close to us. A microphone and sound system loud and crisp enough that we can be heard properly is the last important thing. It sounds like small requests, but you’d be surprised how often clients miss these details spelled out clearly on the rider.  These have an impact and can be the difference between an incredible show your group will talk about for the rest of the year or a lacklustre performance devoid of any focus. Do yourself a favour and take just a bit of time to confirm the performing needs of the entertainer are met and I guarantee you’ll have a great time and your entertainment dollars will be spent wisely.
There’s my 2 cents.

I’d like to extend my best to each of you, and your families the very best for this holiday season.

Take care of yourself and each other,

I’ll see you on the road, in an airport or at the hotel…


Good night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe.


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