Happy 2020

2019 was an amazing year. Zero complaints. Work and home were awesome. My Son started school, is super smart and funny…. and Kasey Christine put up with my travel and holds the fort while I’m gone. She’s a hard workin’ mom and the missus with the mostest. I was on the road for two straight months at one point this year and she never complained. That’s remarkable.
I played more theatres and festivals and corporate events, on my own terms and got paid for it. Its a childhood dream and basically a lottery win. A big thanks to the agencies who make that happen and help make my life both easy and liveable. Its increasingly rare in this the “business of show”, to sign with agents connected enough to keep you working and have honesty and integrity to make sure that work is done properly. Agents who will fight for you are rare and its truly my honour to work with a few of the best ones. A BIG debt of gratitude goes out to Steve ( I left facebook but kept messenger ) Smith and Ron Reid at Artists West Entertainment LLC in L.A and Giggles Comedy Agency here in the frozen Canadian north, who keep travel well organized, me safe on the road and the calendar well looked after. Without you folk I wouldn’t be able to support my family. That fact is never lost on me. Lets hope for more cool gigs this year and that I finally get to Easter Island 
I hope 2020 is even better than 2019. I’ve plans for a some bigger things, so stay tuned for that, meanwhile I wish that you all the very best and look toward a 2020 filled with awesome.
Happy New Year !
Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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