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I’m working on a new piece for my show, live or virtual, no idea. I thought it might be instructive and interesting ( or not ) for magicians and non magicians for me post videos of it’s progress. Good or bad however it rolls. Currently its shit. No structure, poor blocking, unfinished and unfunny lines…..BUT THATS THE POINT ! I took the effect, played with it for a half hour and this is the result.  Every day is should get better.

First Attempt at routining a new magic trick

My thought is to post a video of the work as it progresses every few days. The public always sees the final product, never the nuts and bolts of its creation. Its INSANELY hard to work out material without an audience to bounce it off of. I mean, its the only way I know how to build material; and Covid took that away from me. If nothing else, maybe other acts won’t feel so alone having to craft new work in this time of kick in the yam bag isolation. We’re all trying to figure it out. 

If you know me, you know I hate myself to the core, and self loathing is my sword and shield, so…posting this is instructive for me on its own. Blocking is a problem so far, think I have that fixed for the next video….This is what I put together today in an hour or so. The lines… could I be a weaker writer today? wow, nooo its awful… but, so be it… Have at it kids. Lets see how the old girl builds. One day she’ll be built like a steak house and handle like a bistro. I promise.
Until there’s polish,

Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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