Entertaining in the Heat

If I were a character in the Rankin Bass holiday classic A Year Without a Santa Claus, I’d without question be heat miser.  If you’re not familiar with them, here’s the famous song introducing the characters.  My brother and I would sing this every decemeber.  It was a huge favourite for us. It’s worth 4 minutes of your time. 

I work predominantly with two entertainment agencies. One here in Toronto and the other in L.A. Both specialize in pairing niche entertainment services like mine, an interactive comedy and magic show, with the right clients. They’re both wonderful to work it.

Los Angeles is warm, Toronto is not. It’s no secret to either agent that I hate the winter and the snow especially. Both agencies are generous enough to try and book me at corporate events in climates where there’s no snow.

For most comedians and magicians, December is a busy with corporate holiday parties. I’ve never been the type of act that wanted to churn out 50 shows in a month, so I take a select few holiday parties for corporations that really enjoy what I do and with whom I like to work. Sadly, this month try as the agents might, I have no bookings in warm climates for December OR January.  All my performances are in places like Winnipeg, and London, where the cold lives and multiplies.
I shouldn’t complain of course, they’re good paying gigs with great conditions and for companies that many entertainers would kill to work for.  I’m not complaining, I’m really not.  As always I’m super grateful. Its just, I wish…..

I wish that in January or February a cruise ship booking would come along from one of the lines I love to work, like Holland America or Princess, to break up the winter, or perhaps a conference in Miami or Vancouver. Here’s the thing, continuing to perform and be able to support my family is paramount.  I’ll perform on the frozen dark side of the moon, get no airmiles and bring my own mic if it means supporting them.  But if I could choose…. Sure would be nice to get something, somewhere warm.  So… if by some strange twist of google fate you’re reading this and you’re in Vancouver, the Island…. Anywhere that snow isn’t a concern and you have a conference or convention coming up, or any event where there’s a meal, people are seated and afterwards could use some entertainment to cap the day off, lets talk. I think I can arrange a warm climate deal for you if it means getting me out of the frozen hell of Hoth that I’m currently in.
I could also of course just book a vacation… there’s that 😉

Until then, 
Good Night and Good Luck, 

Jane Doe

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