Covid Comedy?

I came back from performing in California at Marvyns Magic theatre March 2nd.  LAX airport was a mess then, I can only imagine what travel is like now. My suspicion is travel these days would be akin to a cross between the Hunger Games and Fight Club, but who knows.

I’m not sure where all this is going, or when anyone will be performing again.  The cruise and corporate markets are effectively gone for at least through the summer, perhaps longer. I was amazed at how fast everything cleared from my bookings calendar.  Vanished, like a fart in the car.

Its a tough thing the world is going through now and the small world of comedy is as seriously effected as anything.  Cruise ships are the worlds largest employer of comedians.  Following that would be corporate events. With both gone everyone will need to start being creative about their future work, and the sale of their blood and body parts.

For what its worth I think all entertainers should use this time off to think about how they work and exactly what they want to do with their act moving forward.  The future is uncertain but magicians and comedians are always keen to leverage anything new in the world, this is no exception.  I suspect there will be virtual shows and more online writing for television and film, and a host of ways we can all make our talents useable in ways we have yet to discover.

Point of all this is to say, be positive.  We’ve come through bad things before and we’ll get through this. Comedians, magicians…. The world will always need entertaining. We’ll be there to fill that need when the time is right. If not, there’ll be a crap ton of blog posts like this one…. Digital Graffiti with punctuation.

I’m worried for the health of my family and myself, but we’re taking precautions to do what we can.  I hope everyone out there is cautious. I wish all of you the very best of health now and in the future.

Its my sincere hope that the entertainment world can come together to work out some cool new ways to deliver our services and make people laugh. Shoot me a note if you want to work on something, lord knows I have the time now 🙂

Be safe !
Good Night and Good Luck,

Jane Doe

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