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I have a fondness for Winnipeg.  The city is fun and I have friends who live there who are always a blast to hang out with, it has a thriving arts scene and a world class comedy festival. True, Winnipeg also reaches temperatures of minus 33 in the winter, as I witnessed on a recent trip in December while performing at a corporate event there. But hey, winter only lasts so long and the cold makes for good audiences looking to come in out of the cold and warm up with laughter. 

To that end I’ll be performing in Winnipeg January 24th at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre.  I looks to be a killer show with comedians from all over the country. For me, the highlight is working with the host of the show, Kevin McDonald.  You’ll remember Kevin as part of the comedy group Kids in The Hall.  Theirs was a ground breaking TV show here in Canada and it had profound impact on me.  To say I’m excited, and perhaps even a bit nervous to work with The Kids in the Hall alum is an understatement. 

show poster for a comedy fundraiser in Winnipeg January 24th. Starring Kids in the Hall alum Kevin McDonald, Cory Mack, Tazz Norris and others

The show is filled with amazing talent : Cory Mack, Graham Chittenden, Chad Anderson, Big Daddy Tazz, myself and of course Kevin McDonald.  These are all comedians you’ve seen on TV and heard on radio, both XM and nationally on CBC radio. I can personally vouch for the hilariousness ( if that’s a word ) of each of these comedians. If you’re around Winnipeg in January and are looking for one of the best comedy shows around, you should grab tickets, it’s a show not to be forgotten. Here’s a link to buy tickets:

I look forward to seeing you Winnipeg, lets hope for warm weather !
Until then,
Good Night and Good Luck

Jane Doe

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