Been a while

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything, due mostly to a tragedy where I live….so here’s a short post from the world outside show business.

I live on a small court.  All the neighbours are close friends.  We help each other with our projects, hang out, have dinners together … that kind of thing. A few weeks ago, my next door neighbour and friend lost their 20 yr old son. He was a good kid.  I liked Justin. Reminded me of Indiana Jones . I’m not sure how anyone comes back from the death of a child, especially from suicide. So many questions, so few answers.  At any rate thought I’d share with you, my non existent readers, my FB post from the day of the funeral. His parents are tougher than I am, and ridiculously classy. Things are gonna be OK. Here’s what I wrote :


Yesterday Kasey and I attended a funeral for a friend and next door neighbour’s 20 year old son. Over the last week and a half the little court I live on came together to support that family as best we could, distracting them, feeding them, being part of the funeral etc. We’re a tight little community. Nothing more horrific for a parent than loosing a child. In the last 2 weeks that family has had about as much as anyone can take. It was a tough funeral, and yet, not two hours after coming home, that same family went door to door around the court giving roses to all the ladies and thanking everyone for their support. That’s grace, isn’t it?. Its profound, the capacity in humans for kindness and thoughtfulness, even in their darkest hour. Gives me hope for the species.

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