Be here now, and other news

The best things I’ve got in showbusiness are from friends. BY FAR.
What I mean is that I’ve had to be ready with the act, I always had to have the show to actually work the TV shows, cruise ships, casinos, comedy festivals etc I’ve done over the years but the initial “in” to working those places always came from another act who’s a friend.

I only mention it because today on Facebook I saw an act trashing another performer and I thought to myself, that’s got to be a mistake, somewhere down the line that guy could be in a position to help you. Bottom line is this, even without business reasons, be nice to everyone its the right and decent thing to do. Be a human. Be mindful. Be here now.

In other news, I’m home for a couple of months. Yup, no air travel until the end of February. Its all corporate events and then a run in Nashville at the House of Cards. I’m really looking forward to that venue. I’ve never performed there before and its Nashville’s hottest new entertainment destination. I’m super thrilled to be headlining that.

I suppose the BIG news is from Holland America Line. I’ve made no secret of my gratitude to HAL for booking me with regularity and treating me so well. It’s a generosity and kindness that’s never lost on me. I love the international travel, the shows and the production crews, everything about it is top notch. Holland America treats everyone crew and passengers alike, so well its striking. I think it’s a west coast culture thing. They just have nice way with people, laid back and professional, but really attending to the needs of the people who pay for their services.
The woman at HAL who books the entertainment in the theatres did a generous thing recently and booked me for 8 weeks straight, yup two months. Its a blessing to know where I’ll be working months away. Its frees stress. Naturally I’d rather just one week at a time, maybe 2 tops — then home. Normally I’d think this is a bit too much time away from my family, but the all the destinations are really cool, and it’s going to allow me to do some different things with my show. I’ll also be working with John Wing for 3 weeks, an old friend and one of the best comedians working today. I wish I could get all my ship gigs with him, the two of us combined make for a pretty powerhouse list of entertainment.

Here’s the ships I’ll be on, I hope you’ll come and visit me because these are all SPECTACULAR ships. If you want to live in luxury, be treated like royalty, eat like you’re a famous star and have the time of your life with the nicest people ever… come take a trip on one of these amazing vessels and say HI. Bonus points if you’re Canadian … I’d welcome the news about hockey from home 😉

Neiustatendam 2/24/19 – 03/03/19
NeiuAmsterdam – 03/03/19 – 03/10/19
Volendam 03/11/19 – 05/14/19
Oosterdam 03/16/19 -02/23/19
Rotterdam 03/24/19 – 04/07.19

I’ll be at the House of Cards in Nashville Jan 14-20 2019…. So check that out too!
Until I see out there on the page,
Good Night and Good Luck

Jane Doe

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