ALASKA by Holland America

Largely because I’m a regular cruise ship performer, and as a headline entertainer I travel a TON on them friends, family and people I perform for at corporate conferences and conventions always ask what’s the best cruise to take? I get this all the time.  They want to know which cruise line is best.  More than anything people want to know the best destination. My answer is uniformly the same.

Regardless of age, I recommend Holland America Line. The cabins, staff, food, ship itself, and I dare say the handsome and hilarous comedy magician from Toronto Canada whose first name is Matt are all amazing.  I mean over the top great.  I’ve performed on almost every cruise line there is and I think HAL is my favourite of them all. I genuinely love performing on Holland America’s cruise ships.  If I had my way, they would be the only cruise line I work. They most definitely are the one I first recommend to family and friends.  I follow that with Princess and Seabourne, depending on a few criteria about the people I’m talking to. 

With regard to destination, it too is always the same.  I tell people new to cruising or mariner cruisers, the place to go is Alaska. I sent my parents there for their first cruise. My wife’s first cruise was to there also.  Hard to get better than a cruise were you can see whales, bald eagles and a million other wildlife, eat amazing crab and other seafood, take the mind blowing whitepass train, see an actual glacier, stop in Victoria Canada to hang out in the most beautiful city in the country all from the comfort of a luxury cruise ship. YES PLEASE.

To that end, I’m super excited to announce that I’ll once again be performing on HAL’s Eurodam August 16 – 30th. We’ll be going Seattle to Alaska and back.  The Eurodam is a beautiful ship with really great crew, I’ve worked it many times.  Its amongst my favourite of the ships in their fleet. My birthday falls in those two weeks, so come on out and see the show and say a happy birthday to me since I’ll be alone for it.  You won’t be sorry you did. They may also have alcohol on the ship on the day of my birthday…. Just sayin’ J

Until I see you on the sea….

Good night and good luck, 

Jane Doe

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