Charity Event

I’m performing at a charity event in Caledon Ontario next week. It’s rare for me to perform at these types of events, my schedule with corporate conference and convention performing, cruise ships and casinos rarely affords me the time to do something to help the community.  Its troubling because these are often the causes I believe in most. In this particular case, MY community is involved. Fortunately, I have time for this one and I’m glad.

As a comedian and magician, especially someone focused on being attractive to corporate audiences; it’s easy to forget there are worthy causes out there that also need the attention of performers.  Of course, I’m paid to perform at these charity events, you should never work for free, but I give them a reduced rate and lots of attention publicly.  It’s what we can do, more to come on that. If it’s a cause I believe in, I want to work with them and use whatever tiny bit of celebrity I have to aid that cause. 

My point is that not everything in life revolves around money. You need to help out when you can. In this regard I’m pretty left leaning. I mean… What’s wrong with the world? 


Evil defence contractors have it, noble causes do not. Moneys greatest ability to continue letting bad people do bad things at the expense of those who don’t have any. So, when the chance comes along to help out the noble cause, lets swing for the fences and do what we can.

I look forward to seeing you out there at my shows, public and private, until then…..

Good Night and Good Luck

Jane Doe

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